A month before you have a heart attack, your body will warn you – here are the six signs

We all know that it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. This applies to every disease, and is crucial when you do not know the exact symptoms. So, today we will give you some symptoms that people usually ignore that could indicate the possibility of a heart attack. If you know them, you can take better care of yourself.

6 signs that indicate an impending heart attack


One of the main symptoms is fatigue. Women suffer from this symptom more than men. You should know that physical and mental effort does not cause fatigue, but rather relieves it when the day ends. Therefore, this symptom could indicate a heart attack. Sometimes, you may have difficulties in making your bed or taking a shower.

2_stomach pain

Stomach pain, upset stomach, or bloated stomach are the most common symptoms of a heart attack. It can appear in both men and women. Usually, before a heart attack, you will get rid of the stomach pain and then it will happen again. If you are physically stressed, the pain may get worse.

3_ Insomnia

Insomnia occurs more often in women than in men. It is associated with a heart attack or stroke. It is also followed by anxiety and forgetfulness. Symptoms are difficulty staying asleep, difficulty falling asleep, waking up early, feeling nauseous and irritable.

4_ Irregular heartbeat

Arrhythmia means an irregular heartbeat that is often followed by panic and anxiety attacks. It usually happens unexpectedly to women. It could be an irregular heartbeat or increased heart rate. However, the heart rate can also be increased due to physical training, especially in cases of atherosclerosis. This regularity usually lasts for a minute or two. If it lasts longer, you will also feel some dizziness and extreme fatigue. If this happens, contact your doctor immediately.

5_Excessive sweat

The first sign of a heart attack is unusual sweating. It can occur at any time and is usually in women. It is sometimes confused with menopausal symptoms. You may also experience sweaty skin, flu, or stickiness. It can be so extreme at night that you may wake up with wet sheets.

6_ Chest pain

Both men and women can suffer from chest pain. Men do not need to ignore these symptoms. About 30% of women are already affected by this. This type of pain occurs in both hands, especially the left. As well as the lower jaw, neck, shoulder and even the abdomen. It can be short or long as well.

What are the risk factors?

The most common risk factors for a heart attack are obesity, smoking, and lack of physical activity. However, these are some of the many. However, there are some other factors that really matter, but people don’t notice them.

For example:

Men may experience hair growth in the ear canal.
When walking, you feel mild pain in your leg muscles.
The inner corner of the eye contains yellow spots.
Earlobe crease
What should you do?
If you notice some of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor. Even if you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Medications can also help restore heart function and can give you a greater chance of survival. So, in general, if you want to be prepared for a heart attack, you need to take care of your health. Now that you know the problems, you need to be more careful. You should also not smoke, either from passive smoking. All you have to do is eat healthy, watch your cholesterol, and exercise regularly to reduce stress. You only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

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