Comparison between the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford

Teaching Methods:

The teaching method is very similar between the two universities. Students go to lecture halls, classrooms, or laboratory laboratories to receive lessons, each according to the locations they have chosen.

But unlike many universities, both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge offer students sessions with experts in their field of study to benefit from it. The difference between these sessions is only the name. At the University of Cambridge, these sessions are known as “supervision,” while at the University of Oxford they are known as “supervision.” Educational lessons.”
During these sessions, students may be assigned to prepare an essay or anything else. Usually, these meetings or lessons take place weekly, and the supervisor or teacher meets with the students. The groups usually consist of a small number of students, usually three students at a time. These sessions are not considered official because they are not It makes a difference in the final grades that a student obtains, but it is very important in evaluating the extent of progress that the student makes, in addition to providing regular feedback on his level of performance so that he can improve it.

How to apply:

The method of applying for admission to either university is not very different. Application is done via the Internet, and the student must apply before the deadline for application determined by each university, otherwise he will not have any chance to join either university.

The University of Cambridge sends students applying for admission a form via their email to complete some additional data and information, unlike the University of Oxford, it does not require applicants to fill out any additional forms.

It is also worth noting that both universities evaluate a personal interview that is very similar to the supervision program, during which students are presented with a problem to discuss or a paragraph consisting of several lines to read. The aim of this interview is to get to know the way the student thinks and to learn about the skills he possesses and how to His interaction with problems and solving them. During this interview, those conducting it do not care about the correctness or error of the students’ answers. Rather, attention is focused more on how he arrived at the answer in order to better understand his thinking style.[1]

In terms of reputation:

Both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have a good reputation around the world, but each has advantages that distinguish it from the other. The University of Cambridge is known as the best for studying scientific fields, while the University of Oxford is known as the best for studying the humanities.

Likewise, the University of Oxford, compared to the University of Cambridge, is the most conservative. However, both universities are known for their adherence to a set of different values. Also, the matter differs between one college and another within the same university, as some colleges are more conservative than others. In any case, both universities have produced over the years a large group of scholars, artists, and leaders in many fields.

In terms of location:

The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are located in completely different cities from each other, but both cities are known for their picturesque architecture that catches the eye. The city of Oxford is one of the lively, crowded cities, which is also known for its traffic congestion many times. Oxford also includes a large group of shops, cafes, and places. Recreation provides students with many options to spend their free time and obtain their basic needs at any time.

As for the city of Cambridge, it is completely different from the city of Oxford. It is quieter than it and is suitable for those who like quiet places and small cities. It is also the most beautiful due to the large number of green spaces spread throughout it, unlike the city of Oxford. It also includes a group of cafes and various stores, but they are less compared to Oxford of course, so Cambridge is the most suitable place for those looking for relaxation.[2]

Fields of study in Cambridge and Oxford:

Both universities agree that the most important decision a student must make when applying to study at either university is choosing the field of study he wishes to enroll in. Therefore, the two universities direct students to the necessity of researching it well before choosing it and learning about the details of the content provided through it and whether it will suit their abilities or not. No? The study will last for several years, so students must choose a field in which they can excel.

The fields of study at Oxford and Cambridge are similar to those offered at most universities, with an emphasis on small group teaching so that students get the most out of their courses. It is also worth noting that both universities employ outstanding students, so it is necessary for the student to choose a field in which he can excel.

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