Insurance damages and disadvantages:

Insurance damages and disadvantages:

Paying a lot of premiums just because the insured may be exposed to a certain risk, but in reality he may not be exposed to any risk.

The national economy will be exposed to great harm if owners of public and private projects become completely dependent on the fact that the damages are always insured, and thus no plans are made to mitigate any future risk.

Lack of supervision: Sometimes the insured may exploit the insurance issue by deliberately causing accidents so that the insurance company will pay compensation to him.
Causing a large financial burden on the insured as a result of some insurance companies raising insurance premiums for no reason.

The five strangest types of insurance policies in the world:

Insurance against meteoroids and asteroids.
Pet insurance.
Air travel insurance.
The ideal employee insurance policy.
Insurance in case the bride runs away on the wedding day.

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